Sean's Biography


Sean grew up in a beautiful city in Fujian province where he became fascinated with creative ideas and these early experiences have fuelled his lifelong interest in arts and design. This eventually progressed to him earning a Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture in FJNU College of Fine Arts, China. After working in the interior design industry for nearly 30 years, upon his visit to Australia one day, he was intrigued by the beauty of nature here, therefore he decided to migrate to Brisbane in 2016. 

During his professional career, he had great opportunities to visit the world’s top renowned art galleries and museums around the globe, including Louvre Museum and The Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA and Mauritshuis in The Hague, Netherlands. These amazing experiences had opened his eyes to a more internationalised art view and perspective, which reflected in his later art creations.

Sean is more than just a designer, he blended his aesthetic and composition skills with 30 years of design experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of his two passions – arts and design. He has recaptured his passion for oil painting and today, he specialises in human portraiture, still life, landscape and genre oil paintings. He often seeks to express human emotions through painting and share the beauty and diversity of the world he has seen.

To him, a fine artwork is not only the creation of the original scenery, but also the result of aesthetic consideration while recreating the artwork. This allows him to record the moment in time, as well as the emotion or experience of the moment.

Genre Paintings

Add a memorable piece to your home and share the special moment. Sean’s outstanding genre paintings tell stories.

Landscape Paintings

Looking to enhance to your home or office space? Sean also offers custom jobs by request.

Still Life Paintings

Add a conversation piece to your home or business. Sean’s still life paintings always grab attention.

Personalised Portraits

Do you, a friend or relative have a special occasion to capture and showcase at home?

Portrait mother and daughter