Painting is the medium of choice for Sean’s creative expression, he is excited about the power and magic of painting as a means to capture the moment in a form to share with others.”



Brisbane based fine artist Sean Zhuang is a passionate seasoned professional artist and a talented interior designer from China.


The Joy Of The Present Moment, 2021.
A girl is enjoying the fun moment with her pet.

“Painting is the creation and the process of discovering beauty. People explore nature to create paintings and artworks that reflect the era. Only thoughtful and conceptual artworks that connect with humans could give deeper meaning to life.” – Sean Zhuang

In these genre paintings by Sean that depict situations and scenes of everyday life, he managed to capture a moment or event in a narrative way. Genre paintings are extremely powerful when the moments are authentic and demonstrate genuine emotions and reactions.


Sean pushes oil paints and blends the colours naturally by utilising their malleability. This helps him to create seamless transitions and realistic-style paintings. Because of the slow drying nature of oil paints, which could take from one to three days, they are fantastic for creating subtle blends. This perfectly suits portrait paintings when the subtle shading of the face needs constant revisiting and tweaking.

The pigments in oil paints allow rich and vivid colours to stay consistent. Oil paintings have proven to survive for over hundreds of years, thus their long-lasting quality is well known around the world.

Portrait three men
Brotherhood, 2020. Get together.


River Stream, 2020.
Calming mountain stream flowing peacefully.

Sean creates scenes of rolling hills or meadows, fields, mountains, rivers, houses in his impeccable landscape paintings. Inspired by breathtaking views of nature, he has transformed spectacular sceneries into astonishing works of art.

From realistic art to abstract art, he uses patterns, colours, texture and line perfectly, and continues to produce landscape paintings portrayed in a grandiose way.


Taking inspirations from everyday objects, Sean produced still life paintings based on his personal reflections about life. He documented objects that represent special memories or perspectives that can breathe life back into a moment frozen in time.

His still life paintings often trigger an intense emotional response such as joy, nostalgia and hope.

Memory, 2020.
A pair of tooling boots and jeans of a minimalist.

Phenomenal, breathtaking and poetic, transporting audiences to another place. Sean is a remarkable artist who demonstrates the enormous breadth of talent that combines the traditional values of painting with a modern flair.

X. N. Lee



Sean Zhuang invited everyone in Brisbane to celebrate his 50th in his personal style, through his first solo oil painting art exhibition.

This art exhibition was based around “Impressionism – Brisbane”, originated from his visit to Brisbane one day when he was intrigued by the beauty of nature here. It included abstract and realistic genre, still life and landscape oil paintings that reflected Brisbane with his own interpretations.